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Top 10 Glass Manufacturers In Australia

Glass is something we all know of. It is widely used in our homes in windows, in kitchens as utensils, in making showpieces, ornaments and as containers in labs. It is also used in vehicles as mirrors. The transparent property of glass makes it an essential commodity.

Manufacturing glass has undergone several changes with the advancement in technology over the years. This highly viscous liquid does not conduct electricity and melts at high temperatures. 

Australia has been one of the leading consumers of glass products, and there are several manufacturers here.

Glass Companies in Australia

National Glass: This company began operations in 1989, and since then, they have been manufacturing some of the best quality glass products. They are a leading supplier of flat glass building products. Their plants and production units are capable of performing toughening and laminating of glass. They also have insulated glass units. Digital glass printing, advanced edgework, and computerized numerical control manufacturing process are also taken up by National Glass.

National Glass also claims that its products are energy efficient, structurally strong and don’t cause noise pollution.

Australian Glass Group

This organization manufactures customized glass products for homes. AGG claims that its glass products have clear lines and that there is natural light in homes that use their products. They offer services based on the customer’s need and tailor their products to match their clients’ needs. Their popular products are:

  1. Insulated Glass Units – They are double glazing solutions that are tailor-made to provide comfort to the customers in their homes. Australian Glass Group VIC is accredited to AS4666 Insulating Glass Units and AS4667 Quality Requirements for Cut-to-Size and Processed Glass.
  2. Custom Laminates – These include sky glass, which is a beautiful alternative for frameless balustrades. They offer an uninterrupted view. Mostly, an appearance free from handrail is desired.
  3. Toughened Safety Glass – This is ideal for use in splashbacks and shower screens, and also in areas that are exposed to high temperatures. 

All these products are manufactured keeping in mind the Australian licensing requirements for the production of A-grade safety glass.

Orora Group

This company manufactures several packaging and storage containers. Most important of them is the production of glass bottles. They are present in 7 countries across the world and are known to produce some of the finest quality glass bottles. Their products are most commonly used in packaging in the food and beverage industry.


Cospak is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers of packaging products. They supply these products to the wine, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Their product range consists of bottles, jars, tins, drums, pails, pouches, tubes, closures, cartons and cardboard dividers. They are currently supporting customers from Australia and New Zealand.


This company is majorly involved in manufacturing storage containers for wine products. They manufacture containers and bottles according to the demands and needs of the clients, and with time, they have become a major part of this industry. Their products are best suited for wine, sparkling wine, spirits and still wine.

Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Australia

Glassco Australia

This company manufactures and imports innovative glass products and hardware for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Some of Glassco products are:

  1. a) Insulated Glass Units (IGU’s) – Double and Triple Glazed including Stepped Units
  2. b) Cut to size Float & Laminated Glass
  3. c) Toughened glass panels
  4. d) Glass shop fronts
  5. e) Glass cut to size and processors
  6. f) Glass office partitions
  7. g) Glass balustrades
  8. h) Kitchen Splash-backs
  9. i) Mirrors
  10. j) Shower screens
  11. k) Glass pool fences
  12. l) Commercial & domestic glazing
  13. m) Glass for furniture and cabinets 
  14. Viridian Glass

This company has been operating in Australia for over 130 years and making glass for more than 75 of those years. 

They manufacture essential glass goods, as well as products that add value to homes. They have a wide range of products to choose from and often manufacture according to customer needs. Noise resistant, environment-friendly and intricate glass products are famous. Viridian is the largest glass supplier in Australia.

Glass Jar Manufacturers Australia

Melbourne Glass Bottle Works Company

The Melbourne Glass Bottle Works Company was established in 1872 at Graham Street Emerald Hill (South Melbourne) by Felton Grimwade & Co. The plant initially manufactured bottles for pharmaceutical products and served as a foundation for the glass bottle manufacturing industry in Australia. In the 1920s, the Melbourne Glass Bottle Works Company was amalgamated into the Australian Glass Manufacturing Co. Ltd. later known as Australian Consolidated Industries.

Drinking Glass Manufacturers in Australia

1st Glass

1st Glass was created when it separated from Euro glass Australia in February 2010.  From then, it has grown to be a very reliable and trustworthy manufacturer of glass products. They make mirrors, toughened glass primarily. CNC Processing, drilling, water jet cutting, polishing, painted glass, etc. are part of the glass services they render.

Silverlock Packaging

This organization was established in 1976. They have a wide range of products that are primarily used in packaging in various industries. They cater to wine, pharmaceutical, chemical, fishing, and mining industries. They have a range of glass bottles and containers. Their product development team is also capable of designing goods according to a client’s requirements.

Glass Water Bottle Made in Australia

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