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Top 10 Glass Manufacturers in Belgium

The extensive usage of glass in various industries like cosmetics, fashion, luxury, interior designing, construction has ensured that GDP of the glass industry grows on an average of around 4% every year. In general, there are four segments of glass, that are specialty glass, container glass, flat glass & fiberglass. Modern technology era has ensured that there are different types of furnaces & machines for the innovative designs when it comes to luxury products, here is the list of Top 10 glass manufacturers in Belgium.

Glass Manufacturing Companies in Belgium

AGC Fabrication Belgium – site Seapane –

AGC Fabrication Belgium – site Seapane is specialized in construction project and residential projects, based out in Belgium. BIM(Building Information Modeling) is the 3D based engineering technology in architecture & construction. AGC is the subsidiary of AGC Glass Europe, one of the most significant glass manufacturer in Europe. AGC is in the business of glass since 1961 in Belgium.

Glass Manufacturing Companies in Belgium

AGC Glass Europe is into the glassmaking industry for more than 100 years and was founded in 1914 in Belgium. They invented the mechanism in the production of flat glass, unlike other companies who used that traditional method of glass production that is a glass-blowing method. AGC Glass Europe is into safety & health, interior, energy industry etc. It is the subsidiary of Asahi Glass, comes at the 1st grade in the world for the glass production.

List of Glass Manufacturers in Belgium

Belgium Glass & Ceramic Pvt Ltd –

Belgium Glass & Ceramics Pvt Ltd was founded in 1993. The company concentrates on the State of Art Manufacturing Plant & Technology, and they are amongst the significant competitors in the manufacturing of ceramic frits with high-end quality products.

Whiskey Glass Manufacturers In Belgium

3B (The Fibreglass Company) –

3B is an Indian conglomerate of The Braj Binani Group, they are into glass industry for over 50 years now. The first plant was started in Belgium, and now they have their wings of State-Art-Manufacturing Plants in Norway & Goa. They serve the automotive industry & the wind industry. The company concentrates on the unique & eco-friendly production method of HiPertex, the design & reliable quality of fiberglass is the main USP of the 3B.

Glass Fibre Europe –

The company is into reinforcement fibers & glass yarn, it was founded in 1987 in Brussels and represented the European Glass Fibre Producers. CFGF that is Continuous Filament Glass Fibre and is globally recognized for its raw material.

Wine Glass Manufacturers In Belgium

Glas Ceyssens Group –

It is an architectural glass company and founded in Europe in Belgium in 1965. The company is into glassware,  glazing glass for interiors, C-smoking cabin, renovation glass, fire resistant glazing etc. They are partnered with re-owned glass companies like C-frame, Uniglass, Schuco etc. They are into both commercial & residential projects. The unique & innovative products like movable swimming pool floor, glass house, car house are in the news due to their unique design creation.

Beer Mugs Glass Manufacturers In Belgium

Huysmans Glas –

Huysmans Glas is catering in the glass industry since more than 45 years now, it is based out at Beringen, Belgium. The company serves in an interior & external glass of all kinds, and also they serve their clients with the excellent after sale services and expertise in the glass industry. The glasses is fire & sun protected glass. The exterior glass is soundproof, fire-resistant, sun protected, safety glass etc. Lacquer glass of Huysmans Glas is the unique product for the interiors, and it gives a modern appearance and adds to the beauty of your house.

Sprimoglass –

Sprimoglass are into safety glass with different range of products like solar control glazing, triple glazing, Acoustic, safety glass doors and for interior decoration. It is based in Belgium for 125 years now and is into flat glass manufacturing. Digital printing Sprimoglass enables the customization of the design for external & internal usage, and the clients can feel the looks & the beauty of the luxury products. They have completed the complex design of the Corda Campus.

Shot Glasses Suppliers In Belgium


The company is into sandblasting, acid etching, coloring and glass decorative techniques. It was started in 1986 and was focusing on the decorative techniques for the flat glass in Belgium. The company is in innovating architectural projects, DBI invested in the ultra-modern treatment techniques in 2006.

EVM Glass Trading Company –

The company is into manufacturing of double glass with the excellent thighs for the restaurants, and it focuses on restaurants glass, the products range from the variety of glass for the restaurants like fire-resistance, flame-resistance, they also flexible glass walls. The wide range of products they offer like safety glass under safety glass they have a horizontal line of products further categorized as Bulletproof glass, Burglar resistance, etc. The company offers more than 50 types of glass.

Jar Glasses Manufacturers in Belgium

Haerens –

Haerens is the biggest competitor in producing glass for stoves, that too different types of stoves in wood, gas or pellet stoves. The glass is specialized with IR heating applications, temperature resistance glass for medical purpose as well. They have internationally recognized for their high tech glass. In the Medical field, they offer different products like LX glass, Premium LX glass, Laboratories & Pro-LX glass.And also we share more product those we are manufacturing;

Whiskey Glasses
Wine Glasses
Beer Mugs Glass
Juice Glass
Water Glass
Shot Glass

Dinner Glasses Suppliers in Belgium

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