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Top 10 Glass Manufacturers in Ethiopia

A common motive amongst glass suppliers in Ethiopia is to make the material a local source and readily available for suppliers and consumers. To replace the import of glass in Ethiopia, manufacturers have implemented cutting edge technology in an attempt to reduce foreign currency. Glass manufacturers in Ethiopia serve across a vast spread of sectors including bio-medical, infrastructure, healthcare mobility, and construction. To name a few, here’s a list of top ten manufacturers of glass in Ethiopia.

List of Glass Manufacturers Companies in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa Bottle and Glass S.C., Addis Ababa Ethiopia

A popular name in the beverage sector, Addis Ababa Bottle and glass S.C. also supplies to the cosmetic industry and pharmaceutical sector with suitable high-quality glass containers. They produce high-quality products that are working towards an aim to export glass to East Africa and beyond. They have a manufacturing unit spread across 81,000sq.mt. And their client profile includes the likes of Coca-Cola and some top wine brands in Africa.

Whiskey Glass Manufacturers In Ethiopia

 Tana Fiber Glass manufacturing:

Tana fiber was conceived in 2013 and has since been one of Ethiopia’s leading manufacturers of Fiberglass. Fulfilling all fiberglass requirements in various sectors is well-equipped. Over five years of expertise, tana fiberglass has delivered high-quality products to institutes, banks, hospitals, churches, buildings, restaurants and so forth

Their motto is to extend the sustainable benefits of fiberglass products to the common man with value for money.

Best Glass Companies in Ethiopia

 Daylight Engineering, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Daylight engineering specializes in assorted glass bottles, tumblers, and containers. To meet the rising demand in the country, the plant has been built to be equipped to produce about 20 tons of molten glass per day. They provide glass products for goblets and stemware that are dishwasher and microwave safe.

 Daylight Engineering


ASAL PLC was established in 1982 and have been since engaged in importing and distributing aluminum and glass products. Based in Addis Abeba, they possess some high-end equipment for cutting, bending, shaping and punching. They provide glass products in the form of bottles, tableware, cookware and are also gradually stirring the construction business

Ethiopian hansom international glass plc, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

The Ethiopian Hansom international glass PLC marked the market in May of 2009 when the glass plant was launched. Established by CGC overseas construction company, Ethiopian Hansom International glass factory was funded by the China-Africa development fund. The principal products include clear and tinted glass. This is one of the first companies to produce flat glass in Ethiopia. The company specializes in colorless transparent glass, tinted glass and glass intensive processing.

Wine Glass Manufacturers In Ethiopia

Juniper glass industries SC, Debre Birhan

A new player in the industry, Juniper glass step into glass manufacture to meet Ethiopia’s growing demand for glass bottles and packaging for beverages. They are in the process of building a factory with the capacity to manufacture over 200 million glass bottles of beverage containers per year. The company aims to target the commercial and domestic sectors.

Beer Glasses Manufacturers in Ethiopia

 Consol, Debre Birhan

Consol is a big gun in container glass manufacturing and is in the process of building a Greenfield facility in Debre Birhan, Ethiopia. The current production rate is 40,000 tonnes per year. The company’s client profile includes leading beverage and food companies operating in Africa, such as Anheuser-Busch InBev, East African Breweries, Heineken, Namibia Breweries and Tiger Brands.


Siemens is a globally widespread company that marks itself by tailoring its services to the needs of each country. It specializes in providing services in terms of solutions, systems, and products across various sectors. Some sectors include automation, construction, healthcare, mobility, and consumer products. Siemens has been in Ethiopia since 1936

Shot Glass Manufacturers In Ethiopia

Jije Laboglass Pvt Ltd, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

JIJE Laboglass Pvt Ltd has been in business since 1999. They have mounted their recognition as a leader in providing laboratory equipment by providing high-quality analytical instrument and comprehensive solutions. They are authorized dealers of world-class equipment for the Ethiopian market and produce cost-effective services for research, food and chemicals, mining, education and public laboratories. They strive to serve their goal to exceed customer expectation and further extend their services to East Africa

Glass Jar Manufacturers in Ethiopia

And also we are share type of glasses those manufacturing in Ethiopia;

Whiskey Glasses
Wine Glasses
Beer Mugs Glass
Juice Glass
Water Glass
Shot Glass

Amare Afework import-export, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

AMARE AFEWORK IMPORT EXPORT is a company that specializes in construction building materials. They specialize in construction glass for doors and windows.

Drinking Glasses Suppliers In Ethiopia

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