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Top 10 Glass Manufacturers in Europe

Along with North America and China, the EU is one of the biggest glass manufacturers in the world. With growth increasing in a number of different construction and other relevant sectors, the demand for glass and glass products is on the increase. Numbers projected for the future five and ten years expect a significant chunk of business in the glass industry. This has led to a number of companies in the glass industry establishing themselves as major players in the space.

Glass Manufacturing Companies in Europe

Some manufacturers that have made their mark in the industry are:

Morgan Advanced Materials (Berkshire)

The Morgan Advanced Materials was found in early 1856 and is one of the oldest glass manufacturers. It has its headquarters in Berkshire, England and is one the best producers of advanced ceramic and carbon-based materials. Rich and extensive experience in this industry has helped the brand become one of the most reliable ones across the globe. Total revenue of the company was set at an amazing 990 million pounds in 2016 also when it was estimated to have hired a total of 8,900 people around the world in 30 countries. There are three main business units of the company namely thermal products which comprise of thermal ceramics and molten metal systems; carbon and technical ceramics which includes electrical carbon, seals and bearings, technical ceramics; and composite and defense systems.

Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Europe

The company produces sintered silicon carbide as well as graphite-loaded silicon carbide materials for mechanical seals and radial bearings. It had developed a manufacturing unit in Stourport, the UK to augment sales in Europe and worldwide of higher performing silicon carbide materials. The governing principle of such a large investment is to provide quality assurance for all their products vis-a-vis responding to the international demands for high volume manufacturing capacities. The company has enthusiastically collaborated with other associations and universities to produce some very unique technologies which have helped create engineering marvels and also the reliability of this brand name.  

RHI AG (Vienna)

The RHI Group of industries was founded in 1908 in Vienna, Austria is amongst the premium companies focuses on the manufacture of cement, steel, glass, energy, non-ferrous metals, and chemicals. The core operations are therefore centered on the production and distribution of ceramic refractory products. The company was enlisted in the London Stock Exchange is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. RHI AG acquired Global Industrial Technologies (GIT) in 2000. The company is one of the world’s top manufacturers of heat-resistant products.

The market share of the company has some 15 percent with 30 percent of European and NAFTA shares. While the steel industry accounts for the largest share of the company’s sales for some 60 percent revenue production. The company is popular for its specialized efficiencies like fire-resistance, noise and thermal insulation for the building industry. Discoveries like magnesite and its huge deposits in Austria benefitted the growth of the business at a crucial time in their evolution. The adaptation of the company to the needs and demands of the contemporary market helped the business grow to be among the best in Europe.

Vesuvius plc (London)

Vesuvius plc is among the most highly regarded companies for superior quality glass in all of Europe. The company was founded as a combined endeavor of metal and glass businesses in 1704 by Isaac Cookson in London, United Kingdom. The products are used by steel-producers, foundries, glass industries, and solar energy industries. The company has developed some 59 production sites with 89 sales offices and seven centers for research and development. The company has hired some 11,000 employees and is a huge force of engineers.

List of Glass Companies in Europe

The R&D teams have done major research towards science and innovation for the cause of efficient means of production of resources and such ones which can help in quality production. The advanced refectories, steel flow mechanisms, and several research-based foundry technologies have helped it in outshining various other brands. Glass products include artistic, display, float, hollow and optical glass. Glass tempering and solutions for solar multi-crystal silicon ingots are also provided.

Schott AG (Germany)

Schott AG was founded in 1884 in Jena, Germany by the glass chemist Otto Schott who developed and manufactured optical glasses for microscopes, telescopes, and binoculars. Several innovations were made, and the company underwent a rich phase of evolution through its long passage of history. This is one of the premium brands for innovative ideas propelled through the glass and its various applications.

It uses glass as the base material for various special enterprises in several fields like architecture, electronics, pharmaceuticals, optics, and transportation. The company has widespread throughout the globe in 35 countries having hired almost 15000 employees. Amongst some renowned projects, Schott undertook a significant role in the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) to discover far off galaxies.  Specialty glass has been popularised in the industries by this company, and this is a great drive towards progress in scientific technology leading paths to great developments.

AGC Glass Europe (Belgium)

The AGC Glass Europe was founded in 1961 as Glaverbel which was the continued tradition of glass-making in Belgium. The glass industry of the country had already reached great success by becoming the largest producer in the world. The company carries the ancient history and tradition of Emile Foucault’s glass drawing which was the world’s first mechanized method of producing glass. Glaverbel became the pioneer industry to introduce float glass in continental Europe spreading to central Europe and Russia.

European Glass Bottle Manufacturers

European Glass Bottle Manufacturers

The flat glass division came up between 1972 and 1981 by the French group BSN. The company was reorganized into the AGC in 2002 after establishing a great rise to success and innovations. The group’s capabilities expanded into making glass for the automotive and building sectors. The company has developed several offices throughout the world and has aspirations to develop greater innovations with the medium of glass developing futuristic variants of “smart glass” like- connective glass, luminescent glass, active glass, and several others.

Saint-Gobain (Paris)

Saint-Gobain is among the most popular household names associated with the quality production of glass. The company was founded in 1665, in Paris and headquartered at the outskirts at La Defense and Courbevoie. The company is the oldest in the business and has grown up to be the worlds largest through so many years.  This French multinational corporation is responsible for several innovations in the glass market and still grows strong in the market.

Glass Manufacturers in Europe

Glass Manufacturers in Europe

There are several varieties of innovative products designed by Saint-Gobain like the self-cleaning, low-emissivity, electrochromic, and sun-shielding glass. In 2016, the net revenue was calculated to reach approximately 39 billion Euros. There are three main business sectors including- Innovative Materials, which includes Flat Glass and High-Performance Materials (HPM), Construction Products, divided between Interior and Exterior Solutions and third is the Building Distribution. The company has hired a total of 172,000 employees all over the world as recorded in the year 2016. As one of the top innovators, the Innovative Materials segment have been recorded to account for approximately two-thirds of the company’s total R&D spending. Marking its healthy work environment, the company was awarded the Top Employer North America Certification by the Top Employer’s Institute for the second consecutive year in 2016.

CeramTec Holding GambH (Germany)

The CeramTec was founded in the year 1903 and underwent several collaborations to get formed into the structure as it is today. In April 2017, the company agreed to acquire the UK Electro-Ceramics, which consisted of two manufacturing sites at Ruabon and Southampton. The Headquarters are situated at Plochingen, Germany, and the company has made a great mark in the field of ceramic engineering. CeramTec manufacturers are involved in developing advanced ceramic components which have a wide range of applications including medical technologies, automotive manufacturing, electronics, defense technologies, and chemical industries.

Glass Jar Manufacturers in Europe

The company is a member of the Ceramic Industry Association and has held a strong presence around the globe. The portfolio of the brand consists of over 1000 products, components and parts with a variety of specially engineered ceramics. They have production sites in Europe, Asia, and the USA and have around 3,500 employees. The company undertakes several events and exhibitions to showcase its innumerable variety of ceramic which set a standard in the field of aesthetics as well as science.

Glass Jar Manufacturers in Europe

Pilkington Group (England)

The Nippon Sheet Glass Co. Ltd. popularly known as NSG was a rising company founded in Osaka, Japan in 1918. However, the company rose to success after taking over the UK’s company Pilkington to become one of the four largest glass manufacturing countries in the world. Pilkington Brothers Limited was a glassmaking company based in St Helens, Merseyside in England since 1826. The company completely taken over by NSG specializes in a variety of glass products including glass for home, architects, trade customers and automotive.

Wine Glass Manufacturers in Europe

They have greatly progressed in their glass production for aesthetic purposes matching up to the ecological demands of the world. In 2016, the net revenue recorded by the company was 5.56 billion dollars. Coming up with more elegant and exquisite designs for home, it also matches the standards of strength required for architecture, along with the flexibility desired for digital purposes. Pilkington United Kingdom Limited operates in the UK as well as Ireland to provide some of the largest supplies of glass to Europe. There have been several patented products by the group including Pilkington Planar, Optiview, and Mirroview.

Sisecam Flat Glass (Turkey)

The Sisecam Flat Glass was founded in 1935 by Isbank in Turkey and is one of the top producers and suppliers of glass products. The brand is among the most industrialized of companies to spread its goods as exports to 154 nations of which it operates in 13. The main focus of the group is in flat glass, glassware, glass packaging, and chemicals businesses. There are a total of 43 production centers with 16 of them being local.

Whiskey Glass Manufacturers in Europe

The group has hired some 22,000 employees and is one of the most efficient of organizations with a disciplined vision and motto to make the world their market. Acquiring a rich history and timeline in the process of its evolution, the company has made several marked accomplishments to be noted. There are also several significant steps taken as steps towards social responsibility showing great consideration to environment and culture. The group has worked towards several educational and training programs to create awareness about arts, culture, and history among the population.

Arnold Glas (Germany)

The Arnold Glas Company Group is amongst the most innovative groups of Europe headquartered in Remshalden, Germany. The Group was found in 1959 and is a part of the Arnold Glas Corporation located in Boston, USA. It has some 1000 employees and seven productions centers and has a full line of supplying architectural and decorative glass. The company also has its coating facilities and float works and is proud to export its exclusive “Made in Germany” quality which indeed embodies perfection and strength.

There are several innovations that the company has developed on its merit including products like Ornilux, which is a glass made to be protected from bird collision- a considerate usage of architectural glass with a dedication to environmental consciousness. They have also developed their solar control glass in the Solarlux A-series. They also provide solutions for architecture and design in the construction of buildings and facades and how to bring out the best out of the most economically compromising way.

Water Glass Manufacturers in Europe

Water Glass Manufacturers in Europe

The important thing to note about all these industries is their growth over the previous few years. This growth is projected to either remain consistent or increase in the coming decade. This is a clear sign of the increase in demand from construction projects, other industries, and upcoming sectors of manufacturing such as screens and screen-dependent electronic systems. The future is certainly bright for the glass industry, and the above companies have established themselves as trustworthy and competent in this field.

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