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Top 10 Glass Manufacturers in France

Glass has been used extensively in many industries all over the world, the industries linked to glass are majorly related to the infrastructure, construction, automobile industry, food & beverages industry, household appliances industry, fashion world as well when it comes to fashionable accessories, etc. Globally the glass industry is being served by the biggest exporters of the countries such that, Germany, China, USA & France.  Considering the importance of glass in varied & amongst the biggest industries in the world, here is the list of Top 10 glass manufacturers in France.

List of Glass Manufacturers Companies in France

Saint-Gobain –

Saint Gobain has been one of the top manufacturers of glass in the world. It is founded in 1665 in Paris, and it is a French multinational company. Saint Gobain as been into luxury products since the middle of the 17th century due to the high demand of the luxury items in mirrors till date Saint-Gobain comes into a high-quality manufacturer of glass around the globe. The subsidiary of Saint-Gobain in India & Middle East Gyproc is a great success point when it comes under the list of Saint-Gobain acquisition & sales.  As per 2018 annual report, the company has made a turnover of 41.8 billion Euros & has its footprints in & around 67 countries in the globe.


Glass Manufacturing Companies in France

O-I  (Owens-Illinois) Manufacturing France SAS –

O-I Manufacturing France is a subsidiary of Owens Illinois caters to food & beverages majorly since its inception & was incorporated in 1986 in Villeurbanne, France. The quality of glass they manufacture is so high that they were the first to achieve the Gold rating on the Cradle certified products, they cater to all food & beverages industry for their requirements of glass bottles, containers, jars etc. Prior it was known by the name of BSN, has its presence in North & South America, Asia-Pacific & Europe.

Whiskey Glass Manufacturers In France

Virescence –

Since 120 years Virescence is the world’s leading manufacturer for the luxury & beauty industry. As it rightly said it caters to the beauty industry, thus they are the manufacturers of all perfumes & cosmetic glass bottles. They have spread their wings across France, Spain & USA and have their manufacturing plants set up. They started in 1896 in Picardie, France, the heart/center of the Glass valley in France. As per the 2018 recent reports, they have reported the turnover of 305 million euros.

Wine Glass Manufacturers In France

VOA Glass Bottles –

VOA Glass Bottles that is Verrerie D’Albi has the history of manufacturing glassware for 120 years. They manufacture around 1 million glass bottles a day, the revenue reports in 2016 showed 100 million euros. VOA started the business in the French department of Tarn. Innovation has been the key factor for VOA when it comes to decoration, fluorescent glass and customizing the glass bottles as per the requirements of the clients.

Beer Glasses Manufacturers in France

Stolzle Glass Group –

In comparison to the other top manufacturers of glass in France, Stolzle has the upper hand as they are the manufacturers of molded glass containers for the pharmaceutical & spirit industries. They also cater to luxury, food & cosmetic industry, and they have varied products range which can be used by the medical laboratory like laboratory equipment, closures, etc. It is an Austrian multinational company, and it was incorporated in 1978 by Karl Smola in Barnbach. Verreries de Masnieres was purchased by Stolzle glass, and they transferred their production from other European sites to France & French company has been renamed as Stoelzle Masnieres.

Shot Glass Manufacturers In France

Saverglass –

It was known as Societe Autonome de Verreries SA and was renamed as Saverglass Sas in 1990. It was founded in 1897 in France, Feuquieres. Since 1897 it caters to high-end wine production zones in Europe, Middle-East & USA. They are also into premium spirit bottles, and the strategy of the company is to be in the niche competition for the super premium & premium bottles. Revenue of the Saverglass has grown from 15 million Euros to around 400 million Euros in recently.

Juice Glass Manufacturers In France

Flacopharm –

Flacopharm is between Paris & Chartres in France since 1984; they cater to perfumery & cosmetics; they are the manufacturers of drawn glass bottles. They are the biggest exporter in France and exports majorly to England, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, the Middle East. The turnover is around 10 million Euros as per 2018 study revenue reports.

Nipro PharmaPackaging France –

It is also recognized as Amcor, and they are the manufacturers of a wide range of tubes, vials & ampoules to the scientific, pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets.

Verreries Brosse –

They are the manufacturers of limited edition perfumes bottles, at present, they also offer impressive stock bottles, spray bottles, the unique collection and high-quality glass are used for the manufacturing of the bottles. It was founded in 1854, and the world-famous channel number 5 bottles were created by Verreries Brosse. They are the only one in the European glassmaking companies who produce and cater to miniatures, bottles for essential oils. And also manufacturing these glasses;

Whiskey Glasses
Wine Glasses
Beer Mugs Glass
Juice Glass
Water Glass
Shot Glass


They have experience of manufacturing jars and bottle perfumes for four centuries, they have unique subject knowledge and expertise in covers glass and decoration techniques. It is part of Groupe Pochet and based out in France, 1623 was the year it was founded.

Drinking Glasses Suppliers In France

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