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Top 10 Glass Manufacturers in Germany

Are you looking for the most renowned and reliable glass suppliers in Germany?

Glass is usually found in households and workplaces as it is useful for a variety of purposes. The material is beautiful and fragile at the same time. Commonly found in windows, vehicles, and tableware, glass indeed has plenty of uses. In addition to that, glass is also found in commodities such as mirrors, clocks, and vases as well. Most importantly, glass poses no threat to the environment as it is sustainable and wholly recyclable. This article covers the top 10 glass manufacturers in Germany to assist you so that you can arrive at a decision.

List of Glass Companies in Germany

Here’s a list of the best glass manufacturers in Germany.

Whiskey Glass Manufacturers In Germany

1.BV Glas

Germany is one of those countries that have the maximum number of glass manufacturing companies than any other country in Europe. Furthermore, BV glass has a very special place in the German glass industry as it is completely eco-friendly and strictly adheres to all the economic as well as energy policies of the nation.  

Wine Glass Manufacturers In Germany

2.Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Founded in the year 1944, Murata Manufacturing offers everything from A1 glass solutions to ceramic passive electronic components. Being one of the best glass manufacturing companies in Germany, Murata Manufacturing has a total workforce of almost 60,000 highly experienced individuals, and it caters to customers in different parts of the world as well.

Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.


Established in the year 1665, Saint Gobain is a highly renowned glass manufacturing company. Saint Gobain operates with almost 190,000 employees. Besides being a glass solutions provider, Saint Gobain is a famous distributor of different types of high-end materials. Lastly, Saint Gobain has maintained a strong presence in 64 countries.

4. AGC Group

The AGC Group is a global glass manufacturing company that consists of four central areas of operation namely, glass, electronics, ceramics, and chemicals. Founded in 1907, the AGC Group is well known for its ceramic and glass products. With approximately 51,500 employees, the company has maintained a strong presence in more than 30 countries.  

Drinking Glasses Suppliers In Germany

5.CoorsTek, Inc.

CoorsTek incorporation came into existence in the year 1910, and it has been offering high-quality technical glass solutions since then. The company produces top-notch ceramic products for applications in fields such as aerospace and numerous other industries. Lastly, the company has a total of 5,900 employees and 61 facilities worldwide.

6.Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials is a world-famous manufacturer of specialist products that have over 100 manufacturing sites. Additionally, the company has around 8,800 employees, and it caters to a large customer base. Established in the year 1856, Morgan Advanced Materials mainly produces composites, ceramics, and carbon-based materials.

Morgan Advanced Materials

SCHOTT AG was founded in Germany in the year 1884. The company provides customers with products related to glass and also offers progressive technologies for several industries. Not just that, the international glass manufacturing company has employed nearly of 15,100 employees worldwide.

8.Kyocera Corp.

Kyocera Corporation is a glass and electronics manufacturer. Founded in the year 1959, Kyocera Corporation was previously known as Kyoto Ceramic Company. At present, Kyocera Corporation has 230 group companies located across the globe and a firm workforce of more than 70,000 adept individuals. The glass manufacturing company deals in applied ceramic products, industrial components and much more.

Beer Glasses Manufacturers in Germany

9.RHI Magnesita

RHI Magnesita came into existence in the year 1908. The company has thirty-three production facilities, and it has employed approximately fourteen thousand people. With more than seventy sales offices, the glass manufacturing company serves customers in different industries across the globe. Besides offering excellent solutions related to glass, RHI Magnesita is a world-famous supplier of refractory products as well.

Shot Glass Manufacturers In Germany

10.Semco Glass

The SEMCO Glass is well known for its unique and distinct approach towards production. Being one of the most prominent glass manufacturing companies in Germany, the SEMCO Glass creates its products using locally sourced materials that guarantee premium quality. Furthermore, the company puts a great deal of emphasis on sustainability and customer service as well.

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Final Words

It cannot be denied that glass has turned into a necessity these days as it has a large number of applications. Besides the regular utilities of glass, the material is also used for embellishment. On this account, if you are searching for premium solutions related to glass, it is imperative that you make contact with the most renowned glass manufacturer in Germany.

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