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Top 10 Glass Manufacturers in Italy

In ancient days people used to utilize the natural glass which is also called as volcanic glass. Initially, the process of glass making was very tedious and slow, the furnaces which were used for melting glass were small and to arrive at the melting temperature was very time-consuming. Venice was known as the center for the glassmaking of the western world around 1291. Many Venetians transferred to northern Europe to settle down and have a better lifestyle where they established the art of Venetian glass blowing technique, considering the importance of glass making in Italy from the historical times, here is the list of Top 10 glass manufacturers in Italy.

Glass Manufacturing Companies In Italy

Top Glass; 

Top Glass was founded in Milan in 1963, the company has completed more than 50 years in manufacturing pultrusions composite profiles for glass. The Triglass product offered by the company is the result of continuous technology, research & development. They have an international presence across the globe and consist of around 70% international sales of overall sales. The sector they have covered are Transportation, Window system, Industry,  Chemical system, sports, etc.

List of Glass Companies in Italy

Valery Glass Bottles;

Valery is an Italian company based out in Milano and has completed around 23 years in the glass manufacturing industry. The company’s vision is to provide a variety of glass which will be the case of passion for the people, as they manufacture the mix of glass products in cosmetics – luxury sector, liquor, oil, wine – the passionate sector, designed glass for spices, bathing accessories, etc. The tailoring/customized strategy as per the customer’s request is the USP of the company.

Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Italy

Veneto Vetro;

As Italy has the history in the glass industry, the Venetian region since ancient times has Artisans, as they had that passion for being entrepreneurs. Considering the traditional history of the Venetian region, Veneto Vetro has begun in the 60s, unlike other glass companies, Veneto Vetro offers its clients consultancy services, they are into shipbuilding, boat building yards, private & public transport sector, interior designs of the private villas, exterior designs of the company, etc. They have catered to the marine, naval, comfort & safety sector as well, hotel industry, executive staff office, etc.


Vetromarca is based out in Treviso near Venice, it is the leading company of glass processing in Italy, they have a presence abroad as well. The modification from art into technology-based production of glass. The company had started its business from manufacturing small utensils, jewelry but at present, they are into household items, promotional/gifting items, interiors of the residential/commercials, lightning, etc.

Bar Glass Manufacturers In Italy

Vetreria Etrusca; 

The Vetreria etrusca started in 1920 in Empoli in Italy, and the name etrusca is linked to the ancient glassmaking art in the early 20s. The company is into the production of artistic & unique designs for still wine bottles, oil & vinegar as these food items are the soul of Italian culture & the same is followed across the globe, spirit bottles, beer bottles, jars, housewares & fantasy, various food items bottles & containers in the glass. The key factor of the company is they produce the glass as per the client’s requirement. Further, creativity is the secret of success for them, like cutting edge techniques, the art of technology, great expertise &  continuous innovation.

Glass Jar Manufacturers In Italy

Bruni Glass ;

Bruni Glass was named under Vetrerie Bruni in 1974 in Milan in Italy, and they had started with the production of pharmaceutical industry, capsule bottles, etc. food products like containers, jars, etc. in 2016 Bruni joined the hands with a Berlin packaging company to supply packaging of the glass, plastic, etc. which was the further expansion for the company. The Gourmet sector of the wine bottles & syrup bottles etc., they have different designs like Autumn maple syrup bottles, Neolio, Bellolio top, Glory top, etc.

Drinking Glass Manufacturers In Italy

Covim ;

Covim is into products like spirit glass bottles, premium glass bottles, glass jars, oil glass bottles, wine glass bottles. Covim is a leading company based out in Italy, the continuous innovation & technology know techniques has made them one of the leading glass manufacturing & distributor in Italy. The 360-degree technique for the clients is the key strategy of the company.

Vetropack Italy;

Vetropack ensures the sustainable life-cycle for the glass, Vetropack Italy is the part of the group company Vetropack Group, which is a Switzerland based company, and they have a presence in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Ukraine & Switzerland. The company provides end to end services to their clients like production of glass as per size, design, color shape, neck type etc. and does the packaging & recycling of the products as well.

Whiskey Glass Manufacturers In Italy


Novavetro has its presence in the glass manufacturing for 35 years now, and it was a family business handed down from father to his son in 1979 in Italy. The company started its business from manufacturing & sales of flat glass. It concentrates on the future vision of the technology and provides high-quality products to their clients.

List of Glass Manufacturers In Italy

Here we share some name of a glass ;

Whiskey Glasses
Wine Glasses
Beer Glass
Juice Glass
Water Glass
Shot Glass

Petraglas :

Petraglia has specialized in producing glass for the solar industry started in 1950 and is the first Italian company in the manufacturing of glass components. In 2005 they expanded their market for solar components in China, also followed by that they have introduced ceramic production, in 2011 started with the new plant in China for solar glass and also expanded their arms in Europe countries as well.

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