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Top 10 Glass Manufacturers in New Zealand (NZ)

Have you been looking for the best glass suppliers in New Zealand? Glass refers to an inorganic solid-like and transparent material that has a multitude of applications in our day to day lives. When natural raw materials, namely limestone, soda ash, and sand are melted at an extreme temperature, it results in the formation of this material called glass.

Despite being structurally similar to liquids, glass behaves like solid at room temperature. Due to this very reason, glass can be pressed and moulded into a plethora of different shapes. Speaking of the material’s utility, it is utilised for practical, technological as well as decorative purposes. Additionally, the material is commonly found in window panes and tableware. This article lists and talks about the top 10 glass manufacturers in New Zealand to help you make the right choice.

List of Glass Manufacturers in New Zealand

List of Glass Manufacturers in New Zealand

Best Glass Manufacturers In New Zealand

Here’s a list of the most renowned glass manufacturers in New Zealand.

1.The NSG Group

The NSG Group is a glass manufacturing company that was founded in the year 1918. The company produces top-notch glass and glazing solutions for several different industries. As far as the operations of the company are concerned, the company has a total of twenty-eight thousand employees spread across thirty different countries.

Glass Company in New Zealand


Glass Company in New Zealand

Saint Gobain was founded in Paris in the year 1665, and it is of the leading glass manufacturing companies in the world. Saint Gobain offers everything from flat glass to abrasives to industrial ceramic elements. Other than that, Saint Gobain provides a wide range of construction and high-performance materials.

List of Glass Companies in NZ

3.Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials offers premium and outstanding solutions related to glass. As the name suggests, the company is more inclined towards the production of advanced materials such as ceramics and composites. In addition to all that, the company has a strong customer base in more than 100 countries.


List of Glass Companies in NZSCHOTT is considered to be one of the best manufacturing companies in New Zealand. The company operates with a workforce of more than 15,000 employees and aims to provide customers with exceptional glass solutions. Besides offering top-notch glass solutions, SCHOTT AG provides sophisticated technologies for electronics, architecture, transportation, and various other industries.

Glass Bottle Manufacturers in New Zealand

5.Kyocera Corp.

Kyocera Corporation consists of two major business segments, namely ceramic and non-ceramic. The company is renowned as the most reliable glass solutions provider in New Zealand. Last but not least, Kyocera Corporation has  230 group companies situated in different parts of the world, and the workforce of the comprises of almost 70,000 highly skilled individuals.

Glass Manufacturing Companies in New Zealand

6.Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

When it comes to the production of glass, no one can beat Murata Manufacturing in terms of quality. Glass solutions are the speciality of the company. Other than that, Murata also produces a wide range of technical ceramic products such as MLCCs and piezoelectric ceramic components.

Beer Glass Manufacturers in NZ

7.Woods Glass


Woods Glass came into existence in the year 1986. All the operations of the glass manufacturing company take place in New Zealand. Wood Glass specialises in the supply of architectural glass and commercial glazing. Since the very inception of this glass manufacturing company, it has been providing New Zealand with top notch glass solutions.

Wine Glass Manufacturers in New Zealand

8.O-I NZ

O-I NZ is a glass manufacturing company that has been operating in New Zealand since the year 1922. The company offers diversified products and makes glass packaging for highly renowned brands in New Zealand. At present, O-I NZ has six production lines, and it operates three furnaces round the clock. Additionally, the company offers high-quality glass materials in an extensive range of shapes, sizes, and colours.

Bar Glass Manufacturers in New Zealand

9.Viridian Glass

Founded in 2007, Viridian Glass specialises in processing, distributing and installing glass. Being the biggest glass supplier in New Zealand, the company has indubitably made a name for itself. Unlike other glass manufacturers, Viridian adheres to an extraordinary approach and does a great deal of experimentation with glass.

Glass Jar Manufacturers in New Zealand

10.Pacific Glass

Pacific Glass made its way into the glass industry in the year 2011, and it has been supplying premium glass solutions since then. Being a leading wholesale glass supplier, Pacific Glass offers more than 70 glass lines which are never out of stock. Lastly, the company provides a wide range of quality glass for picture framers, processors, glaziers, and other commercial projects across New Zealand.

Drinking Glass Manufacturers in New Zealand

Final Words

Whisky Glass Manufacturers in New Zealand

Glass is undoubtedly one of the most useful materials present on the face of the earth. In addition to that, glass is increasingly used along with various materials for a multitude of sophisticated applications. Hence, if you are looking for anything related to glass, you should get in touch with the best manufacturer in New Zealand right away.

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