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Top 10 Glass Manufacturers In South Africa

The glass is something we all know of. It is widely used in our homes in windows, in kitchens as utensils, in making showpieces, ornaments and as containers in labs. It is also used in vehicles as mirrors. The transparent property of glass makes it a very important commodity.

Glass Company in South Africa

Manufacturing glass has undergone several changes with the advancement in technology over the years. This highly viscous liquid does not conduct electricity and melts at high temperatures. Post independence, several manufacturing industries in South Africa have gained momentum. Glass manufacturing units are one of them. 

Rene Turck and Associates

This 30-year-old company established by Rene Turck is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and processor of glass. They manufacture bullet resistant glass, multi-laminated glass, automotive windscreens, double glazed glass, toughened glass, vanceva color inter-layers, and general glass. With a wide range of products to choose from, this organization has been quite a reliable option for most glass consumers.

Furman Glass

Furman glass is a company that manufactures, fits and distributes glass. They majorly manufacture bullet-proof glass, window glass, interior building glass, furniture glass, safety glass, solar reflecting glass, swimming pool glass and PVB chips. They also produce energy efficient, sound absorbing glass. They are highly trusted because of their presence in this industry from the late nineteenth century.


Consol products are largely liked by the South African population. They ventured into this industry about 70 years back and have always been focused on improving the technology they use. Their products are used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and domestic industries. They manufacture jars, bottles, cups and other storage and packaging vessels, apart from glasses and dispensers.

Nelson Glass and Mirror

This is a glass processing company that offers a one-stop solution to most glass related problems.  Commercial and domestic markets are served and supplied with processed products. The products include clear and tinted toughened safety glass, PVB, and EVA laminated glass, multi laminates, mirror, and satin etched glass.

All toughened safety glass is manufactured by SABS 1263-1.

Prima Glass

This company is primarily a glass wholesaler. They manufacture and design custom-made or standard-size mirrors for large projects including hotels, large apartment blocks, office buildings, and hospitals. They also have facilities to sandblast and bevel glass. Water jet cutting and Automatic glass and mirror cutting technology are available with them.

RSG Glass Products

This company manufactures sun-energy glass, bulletproof glass, splash back glass, table tops, laminated glass and performance glass. They also make frameless doors and ceramic silk screen glass.

RSG has the largest Curve Bending Plant in Africa. The company can bend a thickness of glass from 4mm to 19mm. Along with the ability to bend glass, RSG can fabricate curved glass within a tolerance of 0.2mm.

Glass Benders

Glass benders have been manufacturing and supplying glass since 1998. They are specialized in manufacturing bent glass products for buildings and other establishments. Their regular customers include shopping malls and bakeries that use bent glass in their showcases. Curved glass furniture and curved panels for yachts, vintage vehicles, and antique cabinets require curved glass that may be procured from Glass Benders. 

Glass Bottle Manufacturers in South Africa

They also manufacture flat glass. They are based out of Cape Town and have two partners.


Nampak’s manufacturing capability at Johannesburg is capable of producing glass containers in the industry standard colors of flint, emerald green, dark green, UV green, dead leaf green and amber.

They operate three furnaces with nine lines and a total capacity of 285000 tons. They are also capable of producing a range of containers that vary in capacity from 200ml to 1.5 liters.

Nampak Glass also offers value-added services like customized design, embossing and debossing. Pressure sensitive labeling facility is also available at Nampak.

Glass Companies in South Africa

Also, applied ceramic labeling, precious metal and organic decorating and color coating services are provided to customers. Metal foiling is often done to innovate the containers. 

PFG Building Glass

PFG is a division of the PG Group. It is on the leading manufacturers of float glass in Southern Africa. They also manufacture laminated glass, mirrors, and sealant products. The company produces about 250000 tons of high-quality float glass every year. These products are supplied to customers in various industries. They are based in Johannesburg.

Glass Partners

This company has manufacturing facilities in most major centers across South Africa. This enables them to be efficient manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of stock sheets, processed glass, laminated and toughened safety glass or double glazed units to any region in Southern Africa. Their Monolithic Glass products include:

Clear & Tinted Float Glass

Patterned Obscure Glass

Acid Edge Glass

Low E Glass

Opti Clear Glass

Georgian Wired Glass


Drinking Glass Manufacturers in South Africa

Safety and security glass manufactured by them are:

Laminated Safety Glass

Highly Reflective Glass

Medium Reflective Glass

Acoustic Glass ( Noise Control )

Toughen Safety Glass

Double Glazing units ( Energy Efficient )

Manufacturing Standards

Performance Measuring Standards

Performance Glass Terminology

General Information

Other special products are:


Glass Walkways

Underwater Observation Panels

Bullet-resisting glass

Overhead, sloped & Rooflight Glazing

Also, we share some different kind of glasses manufacturing in South Africa;

Whiskey Glasses
Wine Glasses
Beer Glass
Juice Glass
Water Glass
Shot Glass

Glass Jar Manufacturers South Africa

Glass Jar Manufacturers South Africa

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