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Top 10 Glass Manufacturers in the Netherlands

Are you looking for reliable glass suppliers in the Netherlands? We spend our lives surrounded by the glass at all times. From your phone to your car, from the windows to contact lenses, glass is used everywhere. It is a quintessential element, that is making our lives much better and easier.   

If you are looking out for the best glass suppliers in the Netherlands, you are in the right place. Here is a list of the top glass manufacturers of Netherlands:

List of Glass Manufacturers in the Netherlands

Benxi Yujing Glass Europe:

Benxi Yujing Glass is an extension of the Hebei Yingxin Glass Group. It was established in the year 1993 and is regarded as the biggest manufacturer of float glass. Apart from that, they deal in ultra clear float glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, silver mirror, and aluminum glass. With 14 float lines, they are currently producing 3.5 million tonnes of glass each year. The company has over 5,000 employees working for them.


Beer Glass Manufacturers in the Netherlands


Saint-Gobain is a global designer, producer, and manufacturer of glass. The company has the production set up in the Netherlands as well. They deal in a whole gamut of high-performance materials, like photovoltaic glass and industrial ceramic components. Saint-Gobain also offers sapphire engineered armor to the army. The high-performance material helps in providing safety to the soldiers, through the bulletproof windows and doors.

Bar Glass Manufacturers in the Netherlands  

Standard Glas BV:

Located in the village of Kortgene, Netherlands is the global glass company, Standard Glas BV. It was founded in 1973 and had since then providing high glass all over the world. They deal in products like reflective glass, float glass, laminated glass, painted glass, patterned glass, mirrors, and also processed glass. The glass is delivered, packaged with the utmost care, in any corner of the world. You can easily find any glass that you are looking for.

Standard Glas BV

Glass Bottle Manufacturers in the Netherlands

Glas Construct:

Glas Construct is located in Vestaweg and is a leading supplier and manufacturer of all types of glass. What makes them stand out is the compact structure with short lines, ingenuity, craftsmanship, and practical thinking. They deal in a wide range of glass products. Their insulation glass fits the need of every buyer. Apart from that, they offer hard glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, figured glass, and float glass. Full glass balustrades also find a place in their product range.

Glass Jar Manufacturers in the Netherlands


The NAF is a manufacturer of high-quality glass products. They have a special plant in Nijmegen, Netherlands. They produce vials, tubes, and ampoules from the tubular glass. Their products are used in plenty of top hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, cosmetic industries, laboratories, electrotechnical, food, and building industries as well. Each year, the NAFVSM produces 150 million ampoules, 36 million vials, and about 24 million tubes. Their products have a global reach due to the exceptional quality of the products.

Top Glass Manufacturers in the Netherlands

Staal Trend:

Staal trend is yet another pioneer of the glass industry of Eupore. It lies in the heart of Wervershoof, of North Holland. They are the most renowned supplier of glass doors in the Netherlands. Their product range includes French steel doors, windows, and even partition walls. These products are not only of high quality but also add a contemporary look to space.

Glass Company in the Netherlands

D&O Glas:

If you are looking for professional and high-quality glass products, then D&O Douglas can offer just that. It deals in all kinds of material required for your space. They have everything from plastic products to aluminum products, along with a glass of course.

Glass Manufacturing Companies in the Netherlands

Glass Manufacturing Companies in the Netherlands

AVD Glass:

Having its operations in Amersfoort, AVD Glass is the leading manufacturer of stained glass. They indulge in designing, production, insulation, and assembling of stained glass throughout the Netherlands. AVD Glass also provides an instant repair of the stained glass on locations as well. They offer a wide spectrum of glass products as well.   

Best Glass Companies in the Netherlands

Best Glass Companies in the Netherlands

Parabeam BV:

Parabeam BV was incorporated in the year 1980 to seek new applications in the textile market. It has its head office in Vossenbeemd, Helmond in the Netherlands. The company primarily deals in 3-D glass fabrics.

Drinking Glass Manufacturers in the Netherlands

Drinking Glass Manufacturers in the Netherlands

Here we share diffrent kind of glasses so you can choose;

Whiskey Glasses
Wine Glasses
Beer Glass
Juice Glass
Water Glass
Shot Glass

Johnson Matthey BV:

Johnson Matthey is a company located in Mastrechist, Netherlands. They offer cost-effective and sustainable glass products, which can match up the rising consumer demands. About 14,000 people are currently working with them.

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