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Top 10 Glass Manufacturers in the UK

There are several tops and reputed Glass suppliers in the UK that cater to customer needs in the country and abroad. The top ones are:

Glass Manufacturing Companies in the UK

UK Glass

Known as one of the top and eminent glass manufacturing entities in the UK, this company specializes in manufacturing galls products for functional and aesthetic needs. UK Glass makes products like doors, windows, staircases, ceilings, and walls. Its high-quality glass products are used in both domestic and commercial setups. It is known for using concealed-frame glass technology and also makes acoustic and fire-rated glass products for the clients.

Glass Manufacturing Companies in the UK

Guardian Glass UK

A part of Guardian Industries, Guardian glass produces a wide range of quality glass products for residential and business usage. It also offers specially manufactured glass to meet specific client needs. For example, it offers quality anti-reflective glass and laminated glass with acoustic insulation. It also offers coloured laminated glass and glass with an external coating to resist UV rays. It makes a solution that can help users save money and energy.

Glass Manufacturing Companies in the UK

British Glass

British glass playa a major role in helping the glass industry to adhere to global standards in manufacturing and maintaining environmental safety. It ensures the companies in the glass industry can sustain and thrive. The entity also ensures the glass manufacturers adhere to safety standards at the workplaces. The entity also puts focus on recycling glass and thus reducing the impact on the environment.

Whiskey Glass Manufacturers In the UK


Pilkington is a UK based glass manufacturer that manufactures a broad range of glass solutions for diverse types of clients. It makes glass products for use in places like balcony, bathrooms, doors, flooring and partitions. They make products both for residential and business in usage. It can make acoustic glasses and fire resistant solution as well. It also makes glass products that offer insulation from excessive heat and self-cleaning glass that require minimal maintenance.

Wine Glass Manufacturers In the UK

JAT Glass

Set up in 1982, JAT Glass Ltd is now deemed as one of the top glass manufacturing companies in the UK. In 2010, it set up a modern processing plant covering an area of 25,000 sq ft. The company puts focus on the quality of production and uses cutting edge equipment for the purpose. After manufacturing, the products are checked thoroughly for quality, and after obtaining clearance, they are handed over to the clients. It has a wide range of companies in clientele.

Beer Glasses Manufacturers in the UK

Glass Systems UK

Glass Systems Ltd, set up in 1988 is a leading glass products manufacturer in the UK. Over the years, it has acquired several companies to expand the clientele. It now operates as three distinct entities catering to a broad spectrum of domestic and commercial partners.

Kite Glass

Based in the UK, Kite Glass manufactures premium quality glass for a huge range of clients. It manufactures solutions for residential, transport, infrastructure, commercial setups. It has made some of the premium real estate projects in the UK. The company redeveloped the iconic London Bridge station. It is famous for manufacturing highly durable blast-resistant structural glass. The company has been accredited the coveted ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Shot Glasses Suppliers In the UK

Glass Solutions

Glassolutions, a part of the Saint-Gobain Building Glass, makes a wide variety of durable glass solutions for the clients. With an enviable heritage of 150 years, it manufactures supreme quality toughened glass solutions. It operates in 11 locations in the UK. It is known for making sun resistant glass and glass that offers excellent insulation.

Jar Glasses Manufacturers in the UK

Clayton Glass

Clayton Glass has emerged as one of the top glass manufacturing business in the UK in the last decade. It now has a workforce comprising of 400 people, 300,000 sq feet manufacturing unit and a combined turnover of £40 million. It is known for making excellent decorative glass and screen printed glass. Its smart glass brand has become especially popular. It is now a premium conservatory roof brand in the UK. Here we share some glass category;

Whiskey Glasses
Wine Glasses
Beer Mugs Glass
Juice Glass
Water Glass
Shot Glass

Specialist Glass

Specialist Glass is a leading specialist glass manufacturer operating out of Yorkshire. For nearly a decade it has been making flat, curved, toughened, laminated as well as double glazed glass solutions for the clients. The brand is known for its competitive pricing and focuses on manufacturing quality glass products.

Bottle Glass Manufacturing In the UK

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