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Top 10 Glass Manufacturers in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Glass manufacturers in UAE have been evolving in glass production to meet the rising demand of the country’s infrastructure and construction business. UAE’s rising cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have come to be known as the epitome of cutting edge building technologies coupled with efficient safety and energy regulations. This has increased demands of construction materials and mainly innovative glass production.

Glass Manufacturing Companies in the UAE

Emirates float glass LLC, Abu Dhabi

Emirates Float Glass LLC has been manufacturing high-quality float glass since 2009. Renowned for its multi-award-winning services, their facility in Abu Dhabi is the leading supplier of float glass for architectural and automotive float glass.

Glass Manufacturing Companies in the UAE

Emirates float glass has delivered across borders from their state of the art facility that produces 600 tons of glass a day. Their merited repute has won them multiple Environmental, Safety and Business awards and their products are employed across countries like South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Best Glass Companies in the United Arab Emirates

Burhani Glass factory LLC, Emirates of Dubai

Since its conception in 2004, Burhani Glass Factory (BGF) has been taking care of the growing demand for architectural glasses. Their products have been duly tested for distortion, fragmentation, surface compression stress, and low tolerances. BGF is working towards their vision of becoming leaders in the field of glass façades while parallelly keeping up with their motto of delivering exceptional workmanship

Emirates Glass LLC –

Emirates Glass LLC is one of the largest processors of flat glass. They are the leading suppliers of sputter-coated energy-saving glass in the whole of Middle East. A pioneer in architectural glass coatings in UAE, Emirates Glass LLC aims to increase penetration in the gulf market keeping in line with the aim of its investors, Dubai Investments.

Best Glass Companies in the United Arab Emirates

Royal World Group, Dubai, UAE

Royal World Group facility in Dubai strives to deliver satisfactory services and is well-equipped to match the growing needs of the construction industry. They stand by their quality service and on-time deliveries of aluminum and glass products. They also have cost-effective schemes for budget projects and are associated with the likes of Emirates Glass, Saint Gobain, and Guardian.

Whiskey Glass Manufacturers In UAE

Spectrum Glass and Metal Factory LLC, Abu Dhabi UAE

Spectrum Glass & Metal factory LLC specialize in glass processing, metal fabrication, and Installation. The company has acquired various achievements in the glass as well as metal fields owing to their quality of work and punctual deliveries. They also specialize in Cutting, Drilling, Polishing, Tempering, Lamination, Back Painting, Sand Blasting, and Insulation.

Wine Glass Manufacturers In UAE

Universal Glass and Aluminum (UNIGA) –

Universal Glass & Aluminum maintains its stature by providing a range of quality services in design, manufacture, and distribution. They venture in the growing needs for superior materials and a wide range of glass and aluminum products in greater Middle East.

Beer Glasses Manufacturers in UAE

Dubai Glass Industry –

Dubai Glass industry provides services in interior design and supplies glass to the marine industry. They also manufacture aluminum goods and stainless steel. They specialize in exceptional service and post-purchase care. They also [provide installation services to ensure proficiency.

Best Glass Companies in the United Arab Emirates

Their superior quality products and services are extended to marine vessels, and they have supplied for potholes, observational panels, waterproof windows, and doors.

Khaiber Star Saftey Glass Factory LLC –

Khaiber Star Safety Glass Factory was established under the management of KSSGF.  The company runs reliable glass processing in UAE with nationwide implemented projects. The company has highly skilled engineers and staffs that strive to deliver high-quality services to their clients. Previously the company has successfully delivered stained glass windows for medieval churches and protective flat glass. They feature a wide range of performance regulated flat glass in terms of strength, visible light transmission, solar reflectance, and shading coefficient

Shot Glasses Suppliers In UAE

Glass World Industries-

A one-stop solution for all types of architectural glass work can be found at the Glass world facility at Abu Dhabi. Their catalog includes a wide variety of mirrors, Float glasses, stained glasses, toughened glass, laminated safety glass, metal doors and windows for commercial and non – commercial use. They are equipped with the high-end machinery and expert staff known for on-time deliveries and quality assured products. Also, share some more product those we are manufacturing in the UAE;

Whiskey Glasses
Wine Glasses
Beer Mugs Glass
Juice Glass
Water Glass
Shot Glass

Gulf Glass Industries –

Gulf Glass Industries (GGI), is one of the oldest industries formed to meet the ever growing demand in the construction business in the developing country of UAE. Gulf Glads has a vast catalog that includes Annealed Glass, Decorated Glass, Acoustic Glazing, Curved Glass, etc.

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