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Top 10 Glass Manufacturers in the USA

The glass manufacturing industry in the USA has been one of the largest in the world, with a huge annual revenue coming into the States through the glass industry. All trends show that it is on the rise, and the demand for glass and glass products will continue to increase with the increase in the number of downstream industries and their expansion. Domestically, the growth of the country and upcoming projects mean that glass will be one of the majorly demanded commodities.

Glass Company in USA

The following manufacturers are the biggest players in the US glass industry:

Largest Glass Manufacturers in USA

Coorstek Inc (Colorado)

CoorsTek is one of the topmost renowned companies for glass and ceramic products. The company was founded in Colorado has Research and Development centers throughout the US, Europe and Japan. The company has over 50 facilities spread worldwide with manufacturing space spread out to six million square feet.

There is a range of products delivered by the brand including more than three hundred ceramic formulations. One of its main focuses is aerospace and defense-applicable technical ceramics. It specializes in products like alumina tubing, thermocouple sheaths, ceramic armor, and laboratory wares. The company has recorded revenue earnings of 1.2 billion US dollars from its 61 global locations. A renowned achievement was when in May 2017, their Cerashield ceramic armor won the Silver Edison Award in the category of Applied Technology for its innovative usage science and engineering to protect lives.

The ceramic plates developed by CoorsTek are in usage by the military and law enforcement centres of the United States. With the development of ballistic missiles, the threats become more sophisticated and accordingly the company has improvised on their armor systems for less weighing ceramics and with greater hardness. At least a dozen unique formulations have been engineered for optimization of armor applications.

Corning Inc (New York)

Corning Inc was found in 1851 in Corning, New York and considered to be one of the few veteran glass manufacturers prevalent in the market specializing in designing ceramics and glass products. Some of the company’s most noteworthy segments in focus of production are display technologies, optical communication, environmental technologies, life sciences, and specialty material.

The company has 98 manufacturing units spread out in seventeen countries around the globe, hiring almost 41,000 people in 2016. Among the most notable ventures of the brand was to be working with Apple to create the iPhone in 2007. Net sales for the company increased by 3% in 2016 reaching 9.4 billion dollars in revenue production. Among other interesting ventures, Corning also joined hands with Micromax for the smartphones designed for “value-segment” consumers which are meant for a budget-conscious buyer who can’t necessarily afford a repair or replacement.

Therefore, the technology of Corning Gorilla Glass as the tough, damage resistant display screen becomes very popular. The company has been aspiring to take initiatives for the auto industry and global clean-air acts. They have upgraded their methods by developing reliable supplies which are continuously improved for customer efficiency along with innovative emission-control products.

Permasteelisa Group (North America)

The Permasteelisa Group is a leading contracting company based on a worldwide level which deals is several projects including engineering, project management, and installation of architectural envelopes and various interior systems. The company was started in 2000 privately headquartered in Windsor in North America. It is an Italian group but has several offices spread across North America in cities including Minnesota, Chicago, New York, and Miami. The group especially works on architectural glass and facades for industrial skylines.

Float Glass Manufacturers in USA

One of the major projects of the branch related to glass is in downtown San Francisco. The Oceanwide Center is set to be the second tallest building in the city. The building has been specially designed to achieve a LEED Platinum rating which is one of the most ambitious projects of the company. The Group has successfully established a global presence by integrating offices throughout four continents, and the turnover rate achieved through its more than thirty offices has been around 1.5 billion euros. The mission of the group is to avidly contribute in innovative, avant-garde architectural facades which open up new ventures in advanced technologies along with creating eco-sustainable solutions. There’s not only the challenge of creating world-class comfort in the most challenging of situations but also coming with environmentally conscious plans to make these projects eco-friendly. Some of the iconic works of the Group include the Sydney Opera House, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Guardian Industries (Michigan)

The Guardian Industries was founded in 1932 as Guardian Glass Company originally established as a small windshield fabricator. In 1970, the company started the production of flat glass in Carleton, Michigan. Presently, the company is one of the most renowned ones in terms of production of glass, automotive and building products and is currently based in the Auburn Hills in Michigan.

Glass Bottle Manufacturers in USA

The company especially focuses on the manufacture of float glass, fabricated glass products, fiberglass insulation and materials of residential buildings and automobile applications. The Guardian has active offices in North and South Americas, Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa and has more than 17,000 employees. The company pledges to innovate using the local resources in the most economical and efficient ways possible and come up with technological innovations for sustainable growth. Guardian Glass being the largest and most widespread branch of the company has come up with several innovations to meet architectural and aesthetic challenges such as the low E-coated glass which is known for its energy-efficient capacities. The company has collaborated with several renowned scientists and engineers and its Science & Technology centers to come up with the best technological solutions for their glass products and their usage in architecture.

Enclos Corp (Eagan)

The Enclos Corporation was founded in 1946 as Cupples Products initially manufacturing only residential window products. It is currently headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota and especially focuses in providing design, engineering, fabrication and assembly services for custom-made curtainwall systems and also on structural glass facades. The firm launched an innovative Advanced Technology Studio in Los Angeles, California in 2009 which has proved to produce great breakthrough research works in the field of Glass technology.

Glass Jar Manufacturers in USA

Glass Jar Manufacturers in USA

This Glass studio works as a Think Tank Laboratory for the works which precede the glazing company’s works, their advanced facade technology and Research and Development. It is a crucial part of Enclos which observes its presence due to a large number of projects that require the attention from the Advanced Technology Studio which tries to give its best through innovation and creativity. Enclos has been performing consistently amongst the best glass glazing firms and ranked among the top companies for many years based on surveys across the world. The company aspires to create the best facades for its clients and also with its specific eye to work plans create the best environment for its workers and employees.

Benson Industries (Portland)

The Benson Industries was founded in 1926 in Portland, Oregon and is one of the top leading brands in designing and engineering custom curtainwall and facade systems. The company has grown into a well-dedicated staff of professionals including over 125 designers, drafters, structural and mechanical engineers meeting with challenging projects. Regional offices exist across the world including cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Singapore.

Glass Water Bottle Made in USA

The company provides several solutions to projects involving comprehensive facade construction services which include system design, materials selection, engineering, prototype testing, project management, and site installation. The motto of the company is to explore unique capabilities to collaborate with architects and contractors alike to come up with the most efficient design of buildings involving appealing aesthetics and economic precision. Planning and pre-management are crucial steps to the production and installation of any project and the steps are held with great esteem to achieve at the company’s world-renowned love for precision. One of the major key achievements of the company was the completion of San Francisco’s Sales Tower in 2018 which stands at 1070 ft tall.

Harmon Inc. (Bloomington)

Harmon Glass was started in 1949 as a small local company of windshields in downtown Minneapolis with the simplest business model to provide a fulfilling customer-based service. The company expanded into making glass installations and commercial glazing services, progressing greatly in the years the 1950s to 1970s and soon started coming into the national ground for its business. The company has achieved the status of being one of the most trusted brands in the country.

List of Glass Companies in USA

The main business of the company involves the construction facades which it highly regards as the first impression or the face of any multinational brand. It highly esteems the presence of knowledge and experience for the best work and therefore, believes in collaborating with the most dedicated group of people who are passionate about their respective part in the projects. It values resource planning and schedule management as the most key components for success. It also believes in maintaining the niche reputation of being the national company while bearing local presence in its office regions. Some of its notable breakthrough technologies employed in the facades are the custom curtain wall system, unitized system, pressure wall, and a unique hurricane protection system.

List of Glass Companies in USA

W&W Glass LLC (New York)

W&W Glass LLC was established in 1977 and is one of the most successful architectural glass and metal contractors in the New York metropolitan based in Nanuet. The company has an extended history of almost seventy years as a family-owned business. The company specializes in curtain walls, storefronts, ornamental metals, skylights, and its exclusive Pilkington Planar structural glass systems. The Pilkington Planar systems have been trusted by architects and engineers for over fifty years which are the most specified point-supported structural glass system in the world. The technology has several features which benefit its clients and with a dedicated project management team, is very easy to be installed and is fully customizable for each new project. The company has consistently held the record of being the largest employer of glaziers in the city. There are several resources and services offered by the company to deal with specific kind of problems and have a full-time team of engineers to provide services anytime to clients.

Walters & Wolf (Fremont)

Walters & Wolf was founded in 1977 by John Walters and Randy Wolf in Fremont, California. It specializes in designing, engineering, fabricating, and installing glass and aluminum curtain walls. The company believes in dedicated craftsmanship to produce unmatchable and flawless work by the help of contemporary technologies and by developing close relationships with the clients.

Drinking Glass Manufacturers in USA

The work environment is this company is aspired to be filled with talent, excitement and also enjoyment while dedicated working. It also offers precast products like structured glass walls, storefront glazing, punched opening, unitized strip windows, interior, and decorative glazing products. It also provides terra cotta rain screen systems like glass, aluminum, sliding, folding, wood, and fire rated doors. Its main clients belong mainly to the western United States, and most solutions are offered to institutes like office buildings, education and research, hospitality centers, gaming zones, public assembly, sports facilities, hospitals, government offices, airports, retails, and interior projects.

Binswanger Glass (Memphis)

Binswanger Glass was founded in 1872 and is headquartered presently in Memphis, Tennessee. The offices exist in 61 locations across the USA. The company has the record to be the largest full-service retailer and installer of Architectural glass and aluminum products to be in the construction, residential and automobile markets in the US. The company has appeared in the top 50 glaziers lists of the National Glass Association (NGA) and Glass Magazine. The combined gross sales of the company reached an estimated 4.3 billion dollars and have experienced consecutive growth in their sixth year. Finest work is exhibited in all its services offered including residential glass service, auto glass service, and commercial glasses. The company promotes innovation and creativity with a focus on economic and environmental sustainability.

Best Glass Manufacturers in USA

Best Glass Manufacturers in USA

North America and the USA, in particular, are ripe for the growth and establishment of flourishing glass industry. As one of the largest manufacturers of glass and glass products, the USA is making leaps and bounds in the development of this industry.

The above-mentioned companies are big players in the space and contributing greatly towards this goal. At the same time, they are also researching environment-friendly methods to manufacture glass, which should go a long way towards preserving the planet and making it a better place to live in.

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